Our Pricing

Our pricing follows the scheme of “economy of scales”. This represents that the rate would drop as more assessments are performed. We charge different pricing between onsite vs. remote assessments. Remote assessments are billed at lower rate due to our inability being onsite taking measurements. Instead, we request clients to take some measurements on their own. Yet, clients would only need to take basic measurements in which professional expertise is not required. For instance, they might be asked to measure the dimension of their work surfaces, which is very basic and simple task to perform on their own. Further, clients would need to upload some photos for us to evaluate. Based on the height of the client, we can provide an estimate range of acceptable equipment setup for the client.

On the other hand, we perform all the detailed measurements when we perform onsite assessments. This is why onsite assessment rates are slightly higher than the remote ones. For details, please contact us. We strive to work around your budget.

Note: A flat $30 travel fee will be added for each time travelling to the site of the clients. For remote assessments, a live coaching will be included in the pricing. A live coaching would discuss the details of the ergonomic intervention recommendations and demonstrate some stretching and breathing exercises to clients in order to prevent future injuries.